Welcome ~

The last year and a half has been a life-changing time for me as my husband and I welcomed our daughter, Anise, into the world. Navigating new parenthood has been an exercise in extreme joy and exhaustion. Perhaps in a few years Anise and I will record a duet . . .                                                                                                            

I am slowly writing new music for my next album, which will mark a departure from my kindie (indie kids' music) roots. One of my favorite new songs was inspired by a tiny ghost town in eastern Oregon. Picture rusty old cars sitting still for 100 years and a pioneer cemetery. It's a lonely, lovely place.

Once I'm back in the recording studio, I'll turn to Kickstarter and reach out to my wonderful supporters to help make No. 2 a reality. In the meantime you can support my music by purchasing my children's CD, Goldfish Don't Eat Pizza. It's available on CD Baby, Amazon and iTunes. My music can be streamed on Spotify as well. Goldfish Don't Eat Pizza is also available to check out through Multnomah County Library. You can put it on reserve here: library catalogue.

Thank you for supporting independent music!
Anna Antonia Giedwoyn